A Hint of Black Women’s History

Just a Hint of Black Women’s History

“Get That Girl Out of There!”

Anybody who would put a 14 year old girl in prison for a shove is certifiably insane.


“I Ain’t Sayin’ She’s a Heartbreaker “


Sister Alma Lopez

I stumbled across the work of Latina/Chicana Alma Lopez almost year ago while still toiling over the details of how terryhowcott.com would look and feel. All of the brilliant Alma Lopez’s work is remarkable, but this one moved me to no end. Her story is equally compelling as her work – this strong Latina Sister who was catapulted to unwanted attention after putting forth her own unique artistic expression of her spirituality in her piece “Our Lady,” (1999), and was wildly denigrated and ostracized in the process . . .See her depiction of a most prepared Latina.


Corporate Noose, by artist Andrea Cauthren

An Enviable People Are We, Carnal de Trinidad

Bring The Troops Home Right Now:  You Speak Public Policy? 

What had been a mere uplifting writing, becomes an all out peformance once I discover its origin, Lizz Wright.

James Marshall Hendrix:  The Authentic Rock Star
James Marshall Hendrix: The Authentic Rock Star

Fourth Grade Truths, Women’s History Final Exam

Fourth Grade Truths, Final exam Women’s History Class

Tiananmen Square, Martial Law and YOU

Tiananmen Square, Martial Law and YOU

Black Angel With Wings

Black Angel With Wings