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February 21, 2007

Staccatoed Memories of Andrew Anthos

Andrew Anthos, you may have heard is the 72 year old Detroit man who was harassed, assaulted, and beaten on February 13th, and died yesterday, February 22, 2007.A young man on the bus, reportedly asked him if he was “gay,” followed him off the bus to his apartment building and beat him with a pipe into a coma.

Noone Is Safe, If He Wasn’t

Here we have Jessica Hall – a Black woman who has been convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for tossing a cup of ice into a car window of someone who cut her off in traffic . . . .

“Media of Mass Destruction”

Urgent: “Immediate Danger, Immediate Need”

“Immediate Danger, Immediate Need”

Raising up the concerns of the Black disabled, but here is also a link to the upcoming movie, “My Brother,” the first time not just one, but two Black disabled actors are playing in lead roles.Starring Vanessa Williams, Fredo Starr . . .See the trailer . . . very nice.

 My Brother 

Black Anthems

Black Anthems

The Passion Without The Omission

The Passion Without  The Omission

Queen Callie House

My Face is Black Is True

Inventions By All People of African Descent: Amid Hatred, Denigration, Insults and Inconceivable Oppression

Inventions By All The People

Break To The Greenspace

 Break To The Greenspace


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