Dishonorable Mention: Tim Hardaway

February 16, 2007

Listen, just a few words about Mr. hardaway.  First, I think he made these statements because he was asked to.  He was a perfect person to do this.  After all, he had nothing to lose.  While he was a good ballplayer he wasn’t the finest that ever played the game, and his statments here will only propel him to a short-lived punishment. 

But, this is what is most telling.  Tim Hardaway has never made a public statement about anything.  He’s never said a word about Black homelessness, or children who are hungry in the U.S.  He’s never made any statements about the Prison Industrial Complex nor has he co-sponsored any anti-war protests.  He has one single claim to fame, and that is that he hates a a whole population of human beings.  Okay, so fine. 

Noone takes a litmus test for character to be a professional baseketball player.  They’re young, they can play ball, they sign a contract, they keep their nose relatively clean – and they make millions of dollars.  They don’t have to love community – and IN FACT, they don’t even have to plug in unless they absolutely have the desire.  Most don’t – or are not able.

From a Black perspective, if Tim Hardaway understood the immense divisions that already exist in Black communities – he would have taken that time he took for that interview and spent it in the library learning a few things about the subject matter.  But, alas’ that is the case also  for all those folk he was speaking in behalf of. 

The moral of the story is that Tim Hardaway has much to learn about Black Unity off the basketball court.  AND THAT my friends, should not suprise any of us.  They pay him millions of dollars to not know what the heck he’s talkin’ about. 

And with that, all he’s doing is earning is keep.  Ironically, I’ll bet he would be first in line to call someone who sells his position to the devil “a punk.” 


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