February 8, 2007

A Colorful Expose of a Sacred Black History

(A Unique Black History Month Pictorial Celebration)

Hotep!   In The Beginning, There Was Us

“In The Beginning, There Was Us”

“In The Beginning, There Was Us II”

“San Francisco 8, and All Political Prisoners”

San Francisco 8 and All Political Prisoners

Sit Like a Woman!
Sit Like A Woman!

Honorable Mention:  More than a notion for a Black Athlete to come out of the closet as Same Gender Loving – which is really akin to “Coming Home” in evolving to full self-actualization.  Here’s some footage of  John Amaechi speaking, playing a little B-Ball, and generally being charming  at “Amaechi Speaking, Playing, and Just Being.”

This is the first of other entries for this week.  But, in case you missed yesterday’s honoring of Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day at, remember these abundant survival resources are useful year round. 

This link will expand and mature over time.

“Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, 2007”


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